• Writing clean, accurate and compelling copy.
  • Sourcing interviewees from the world of culture, business and beyond
  • Conducting research
  • Editing and fact-checking
  • Responding to cinema using deep knowledge and understanding of the medium
  • Presenting as a film expert on audiovisual forms. E.g. Television, radio, podcasts, live panels, Q&As, event introductions

“ There is little more thrilling as an editor than to double-click on a new piece filed by Sophie. Her work brims with thoughtful passion, and in terms of the way she engages with subjects, there’s no-one out there doing what she does with apparent ease. An exciting and wholly unique voice ”

David Jenkins, editor of Little White Lies

“ Sophie and I worked together on the programming of Rocks In My Pockets at the ICA for an event for Bechdel Test Fest. Her passion and care for the subject – so rarely seen on screen (a Latvian animation on female mental health) transcended to a deeply thoughtful event which resonated well with our sold out audience and Q&A panel of which she brilliantly hosted. It’s always a pleasure to work with people who recognise programming as art and dismiss the idea of niche as ‘risk’. Sophie brought her full self to the project and I am forever grateful for her help in contributing to Bechdel Test Fest’s mission of creating better representation for women in film

Corrina Antrobus, founder of Bechdel Test Fest

“ Sophie’s work is full of passion, curiosity and personality. I’ve worked with her on a number of assignments and fully trust her with any number of briefs ”

Zach Seely, Director of Marketing and Communications • Sir Kensington’s

Cineaste but fiercely pop-culture-savvy, cerebral but always accessible, Sophie’s writing pretty much covers all bases – usually including a few I hadn’t even thought of. Commissioning her guarantees razor-sharp prose and fresh perspectives

Phil De Semlyen, Global Film Editor • Time Out

“ Sophie is a total pleasure to work with – she has an easy and friendly manner that means the editing process is a dream, you can tell in her pitches how invested she is in the subject to hand, and from interviewees to citations, she really pushes to make sure the resulting piece is as rich and substantial as can be. Her writing is extremely elegant and her analysis nuanced and sharp – which is all you can ask for, really! ”

Hugh Montgomery, Editor at BBC Culture